Photovoltaic power generation

Controlling the cost of energy consumed is a strong challenge in order to remain competitive and attractively priced. Eiffage Energy Systems has been working for over 10 years to offer solar solutions for ground-based power stations, parking shades and buildings of all sizes.

We design, build and operate power plants according to our customers’ requirements. We optimize plant performance by incorporating the latest innovations in power generation, storage and distribution. We also provide advice on putting together financing solutions.

A comprehensive Engineering Procurement and Construction offering

Eiffage Energie Systèmes develops a comprehensive Engineering Procurement and Construction offering and supports its customers by rationalizing costs and diversifying energy sources.

Our specialists carry out the turnkey completion (EPC) of ground-based photovoltaic power plants with a capacity of several dozen MWs, from design to operation and maintenance, as well as providing help to find investors. They are able to integrate the construction of switchyards and HV lines, up to 225kV for connection to the network.

Our teams are able to build photovoltaic plants of all power capacities:

  • islands with or without storage battery,
  • interconnected to the network,
  • interconnected to stand-alone or emergency diesel generating units.

Turnkey photovoltaic projects in France and abroad

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Our complete offer

Eiffage Energy Systems has considerable experience and recognized know-how in the field of high-powered solar projects. With over 4.3GW installed worldwide, Eiffage Energie Systèmes has established itself in the solar power generation sector. In particular, Eiffage Energie Systèmes has put into service:

  • The Cestas photovoltaic power plant in southwestern France (300 MWp),
  • The Quilapilùn solar power plant in Chile, near Santiago (110 MWp),
  • The Ten Merina power plant in Senegal (30 MWp),
  • The Nouakchott power plant in Mauritania (50 MWp),
  • The Huatacondo power plant in Chile (98 MWp),
  • The «Núñezde Balboa» power plant (500 MW)

Operation and maintenance

As experts, Clemessy's technicians work on a daily basis alongside contractors in order to optimize the production and performance of power plants (performance ratio, availability and stress-test calculations). Clemessy commits to the results of the plant's performance during preventive and corrective maintenance contracts.

Our references
  • Noen Cestas

    Clemessy designed and built the Cestas solar park, Europe's largest park.