Automotive Industry

In a global competitive environment, manufacturers have to take up technological challenges: "0" carbon emissions, being connected, active safety, reducing vehicle weight...

Clemessy deploys a wide range of technical skills covering the infrastructure, process and maintenance businesses.

Our continuous investment in R & D allows us to offer innovative and mastered technical solutions. We take action at a local level and also have dedicated international locations.

Our expertise in R&D centres

As experts, Clemessy handles the design and validation of motors (electrical, thermal, cryogenic), mechanical, hydraulic and air-powered elements (brakes, gearboxes, pumps or alternators ...). Our teams also support you when it comes to robots for conducting tests, electrical devices and systems, batteries and finally specific means.

In order to meet the expectations of both manufacturers and OEMs, Clemessy offers hydraulic, air and mechanical testing systems to assess:

  • The endurance of your equipment by designing fatigue test benches, whether they are mechanical, thermal, chemical or for fluids;
  • Performance and efficiency by designing and building characterisation benches (pressure, flow, temperature, etc.).

Present in your mechanical plants

The knowledge of Clemessy's automotive processes enables the company to offer its expertise dedicated to mechanical components, be they engines, gearboxes or ground connections. Its teams provide adapted solutions for:

  • Mechanisation and automated handling systems on all types of conveyors, gantries, robots, etc ;
  • Monitoring machines to develop dimensional and tightness checks;
  • And finally test benches. Our solutions are implemented on end-of-line test benches, test rigs and gear change robots.

Turnkey systems and equipment for your terminal plants

Our teams design and build turnkey systems and equipment for your workshops (iron/sheet metal work, painting and final assembly).  Designer and OEM integrator, Clemessy carries out your assembly systems whether it be by welding openings and body elements (assembly line, carbon tools, monitoring equipment) or by sizing mirrors and interior components ( Rambur, surface preparation, ...). Our specialists deploy solutions on your filling machines and support plates.

We also support you in your painting workshops to design and build fluid transfer systems (circulating systems).

Our references