Electric power generation

Clemessy carries out work in the field of turnkey construction and renovation of thermal, hydraulic and geothermal power generation units. Our experience allows us to handle complex projects for which we mobilize all the necessary techniques and specialist expertise within the company. We improve existing power plants by implementing pollution control systems and propose power stations operating on renewable energy sources with a strong desire to develop geothermal energy.

Clemessy, the "Balance of Plant" and monitoring & control design-build contractor

With its wealth of know-how, Clemessy takes up the challenges of generating electrical power for power plants of all types and all power capacities as well as the process for transporting ores to power plants.

In addition to the "Balance of Plant" electrical work packages, our teams have expertise in supervision and monitoring & control systems.


In France and abroad, we know how to mobilize our resources to handle very large projects, lead multi-site contracts or organize comprehensive solutions.

Clemessy offers you proven turnkey solutions, drawing on its expertise in engineering, project management and technological expertise, for thermal power plants (gas, diesel) as well as for hydroelectric or geothermal power plants.

In hydropower, our experts will support you to:

  • make modifications to mechanised systems
  • carry out the recharging of turbines, metal or resin deflectors
  • Perform the re-profiling and repair of a penstock pipe
  • Carry out helicopter transporting of equipment
  • Perform repair work on valve seals
  • Carry out repairs on fixed parts and screens
  • Carry out the manufacture and maintenance of isolating valves.

For thermal power plants, our teams offer to perform the following for you:

  • New works, technical shutdowns and general maintenance contracts
  • Installation of new equipment: boilers, turbines, etc.
  • Servicing of valves and fittings, gates, control valves.

Focus DOM: Island Power Plants Refurbishment Project

Clemessy is in charge of the power & lighting and communications installations as well as the overall monitoring & control systems of the new diesel plants for the Overseas departments and Corsica. This contract involves the construction of three 12-genset power plants with a capacity of 18.9MW, with a production capacity of 680MW in the French overseas departments and the Lucciana B power station in Corsica.

For each of the DOM power plants, Clemessy carried out the design and integration of the power plant’s power distribution network and the connection to the island grid, as well as the monitoring & control system for the power plants and their common facilities and the security of the site. (fire-detection, peripheral protection, communication), the DC system and uninterrupted power supply systems and finally the emergency generator set.