Carrying out on iron & steel and metalworking plants

Clemessy carries out work on production and material processing (steel, aluminum, copper ...) sites. This covers both the process and the utilities, while dealing with the challenges relating to safety, reliability and performance.

We offer solutions in the fields of electricity, automation, instrumentation, mechanics and boiler-making. We support our customers from analysing their needs to commissioning, maintenance and continuous optimization of production equipment.

Iron and steel automation

Our experienced engineers and technicians accompany you from the preliminary project to the commissioning: projects involving new works, retrofits of automated systems, technical assistance, advice, troubleshooting, training.

They come up with innovative proposals to optimize the complete automation of your processes (levels 0 to 3 of the CIM pyramid)

  • Real-time monitoring & control,
  • Fault management,
  • Maintenance assistance,
  • Interfacing with production management,
  • MES
  • Product traceability.
Clemessy present on all the processes

Our teams work on all Upstream processes:

  • Matagglo
  • Coke ovens
  • Blast Furnaces
  • Steel plants
  • Hot rolling mills

With regard to the downstream processes, Clemessy proposes suitable solutions for:

  • The galvanizing line - thermal and chemical treatment,
  • Electro-galvanizing line - thermal and chemical treatment,
  • Annealing line - heat treatment,
  • Stripping lines,
  • Heat treatment furnaces,
  • Automation of reel storage halls,
  • Robotized reel marking systems,
  • Weighed transfer system,
  • Rolling mill spraying,
  • Levellers,
  • Annealing bases,
  • Hydrogen annealing bases,
  • Tinning,
  • Continuous line marking system,
  • Sheet metal surface treatment,
  • Interlocking reels,
  • Gas analysis.

With a wealth of expertise and complementary professions, Clemessy brings you solutions across the entire chain in terms of:

  • Bag filter,
  • Electrofilter,
  • Reel marking system,
  • Supervision of HV substations,
  • Water treatment,
  • Boilers,
  • Pumping stations,
  • Online marking system,
  • Continuous furnace heat process,
  • Galvanisation
  • Gas analysis,
  • Instrumentation.