National defense

Excellence and prestige are essential to guarantee the security and defense of the country’s territory as well as abide by our international commitments.

With its legitimacy in the field of nuclear deterrence, Clemessy masters these high standards in terms of standards and confidentiality. Our teams build, renovate and secure the electrical installations of military infrastructure and those of players in the armaments industry. They are also involved in testing weapons systems.

Clemessy, your partner for weapons systems

With expertise in electrical engineering, industrial IT, mechanical work, piping and electromechanical engineering, our teams support you in the design, implementation and maintenance of your test and control equipment processes for:

  • Complex multi-technical tests;
  • The integration of electrical and hydraulic systems (electric heart, iron bird, ...);
  • Testing devices and equipment (actuators, motors, calculators, ...);
  • Research and development and production processes;
  • Operation, measurement and testing of weapon systems (missile test bench);
  • Simulators and associated monitoring & control;
  • Hardware-in-the-loop tests (environment simulation).
Expertise in securing sensitive sites

The capitalisation of years of experience working with the armed forces and the players in the defense industry has allowed Clemessy to confirm its expertise when it comes to securing sensitive sites. Our teams design suitable solutions to ensure the security of the premises:

  • Safety protection: access control, anti-intrusion and video-surveillance;
  • Intelligent image analysis;
  • Communication and networks;
  • Security of property and people;
  • Supervision and hypervision of systems;
  • Security of information systems.