Pharmaceutical industry

Clemessy offers pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies a range of services for production and research units. We know this sector’s requirements in terms of equipment cleanliness, quality, traceability and qualification. Combined with our strong close presence, our true asset is our positioning as a design-build contractor in the fields of electricity, automation and clean piping.

From the design to the qualification of your process skids

From design to commissioning, our centre of expertise brings together experienced specialists to build your turnkey projects, whether it be for new works, retrofitting, improvements or compliance. Our teams are committed to ensuring the maintainability of the facilities for all instrumentation, electricity, monitoring & control, piping and mechanization techniques.

Our centre of expertise has the required skills for the design and qualification of your laboratory facilities, manufacturing workshops or clean utilities.

To do so, our teams support you from when you set out your needs to the tests and qualifications for:

  • Development laboratories (pilots);
  • Manufacturing workshops (bulk manufacturing, formulation, distribution, biotechnology);
  • Clean utilities (clean-in-place, purified water distribution networks, pure steam, clean gas, purified water production skid).

Our demanding solutions meet the requirements of GAMP (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice).

Maintenance of laboratory equipment

Clemessy offers multi-brand and multi-technical maintenance solutions dedicated to the devices and equipment used in your laboratories.

Our specialists are able to offer you customized solutions for:

  • The means of production (autoclaves, freeze-dryers, stirred tanks, incubators)
  • Secondary distribution and packaging lines;
  • Utility distribution networks (water loops, air conditioning, ventilation, air treatment centre, fume cabinets ...);
  • Qualified laboratory equipment (High-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, etc.)
  • Spectro (thermostatic enclosures);
  • MSW (Microbiological Safety Workbench).
Focus on orbital welding

The processing of high quality stainless steel materials requires a high degree of skill. Clemessy, along with Hyline, is committed to providing its customers with solutions subject to boroscopic and gamma ray inspections to meet the most stringent quality requirements.

The computer-assisted orbital welding method is used in critical systems and product lines for pharmaceutical and other industries to reduce any risk of contamination (purified water loops, water for injection loops, pure steam systems, clean process air, laboratory gas systems, clean-in-place systems (CIP), sterilisation-in-place (SIP) .. .).

Qualified teams to meet your needs

Supported by Lab Assistance, Clemessy has a host of builders and multi-brand practitioners who can meet equipment qualifications, whether it be installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ) or performance qualification (PQ).

Our teams meet the requirements of:

  • The laboratory environment (BPL-BPF)
  • Reliability of measuring equipment (COFRAC traceability)
  • FDA, USO, European Pharmacopoeia, IC and SFSTP benchmarks.

Focus on Clean Piping

Added to the expertise of Hyline, specialising in the field of ultra-clean piping, Clemessy supports you throughout your piping projects, in the field of the pharmaceutical industry: from modeling to maintenance, including installing your fluid distribution networks.

Hyline carries out the complete installation of your production, distribution and water storage networks for your hydraulic circuits (fresh water, reverse osmosis water, distilled water, demineralised water, de-ionised water, purified or ultra-filtered water).

Our teams are also involved in the implementation of turnkey decontamination or to provide bio-waste networks from the clean rooms in your facilities to the discharging into the wastewater pipes).