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Dorsalys modernizes video surveillance and power supply for APRR and AREA motorway networks

Eiffage's French motorway concessions APRR and AREA, in charge of maintaining and operating over 2,310km of network, have signed two framework contracts with Eiffage Énergie Systèmes to modernize toll plaza video surveillance and upgrade the entire motorway network's power supply. In order to limit the carbon footprint caused by the frequent travel involved, three of our teams have joined forces to replace the cameras, sharing out the tasks according to their geographical location. 

Dorsalys modernizes video surveillance and power supply for APRR and AREA motorway networks

Under the terms of the first framework contract, our experts have five to seven years to replace the aging analog cameras in APRR and AREA toll plazas with 2,500 next-generation digital cameras. "Each toll lane is equipped with three types of camera: a channel camera, which films the whole lane, a document camera, to which users can show a defective badge or even a cheque in the event of a payment problem, and a camera that can read the rear plate of an offending vehicle" explained service manager Didier Janaudy. The new, more powerful cameras will offer higher image resolution and make it much easier for APRR and AREA to process the data recorded. 

Besides modernizing the video surveillance cameras, our specialized electricians are also replacing the low-voltage switchboards and emergency power generators in the toll plazas, districts and office buildings, as well as in the reservoirs and pumping stations across the APRR and AREA networks. The second framework contract signed by our experts includes the replacement of six to eight low-voltage mainboards per year, over a maximum period of four years. "The renovation of each LV mainboard carried out in four to five weeks by a dedicated team of four electricians involves installing a temporary device. To ensure uninterrupted operation of the toll plazas, the replacement of each switchgear cabinet will require very precise site methodology and phasing, as well as extensive preparation", he continued.  

This dual prospect of phased work, concluded last September, strengthens cooperation within the Group, while paving the way for future joint ventures. 

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