Analysis systems

Emission measurements
We offer "turnkey" installations in accordance with the directives, ministerial orders and standards in force. Our know-how concerns all sectors of activity.
Our skills cover the following types of measurements:

  • CO, CO2, NOX, SO2, HCL, HF, H2O, O2, VOC, NH3
  • Dust, mercury and dioxins
  • Flow, pressure and temperature
  • Data acquisition and processing system with generation of DREAL / DEAL reports

Process measurements
From design to installation, from maintenance to system operation, our experts provide you with unique expertise when it comes to the integration and maintenance of analysis systems dedicated to your process.
From the simplest to the most complex, our on-line analysis systems can be installed on site, in an enclosure, cabinet or shelter.

Our specific solutions:

  • Engineering and supply of laboratory equipment
  • Standardised emission measurement cabinets: SECAN CEMS / SECAN FTIR
  • Development on specific customer request
  • Online measurement of mercaptan and activity in kerosene SECAN RSH / TAN
  • SECAN STAB gas vent collector and stabiliser