Cybersecurity of industrial systems

Our range of industrial cybersecurity services covers all areas

  • risk assessments, diagnostics
  • ensuring the security of networks, data, software and equipment
  • hardening of computer workstations

Audit, diagnostics and advice

  • Diagnostics
  • Risk assessment
  • LPM approval support
  • Inventory, mapping
  • Assessment of the security level / benchmark
  • Vulnerability tests
  • Definition of ISS measurements

Securing systems

  • Engineering, integration of hardware and software solutions
  • Simulation of attacks
  • Remedies
  • Securing industrial architectures
  • Hardening
  • Integration of detection / protection solutions
  • Assessment of residual risks

Experience & skills

  • Methodology & framework: EBIOS, EBIOS RM, PIMSEC
  • Regulatory skills: ANSSI, NIS, LPM (class 1,2, 3)
  • Governance and integration skills for projects involving cybersecurity
  • Member of the CLUSIF: French Club for Information Security