Ensuring operational readiness / MCS

With our expertise in cybersecurity, we support manufacturers in maintaining a secure environment:

  • risk analyses, diagnostics
  • securing of networks, data, software, equipment
  • hardening of computer workstations


  • Team training
  • Risk analysis
  • Vulnerability watch
  • Technology watch
  • Operational support
  • Awareness / Training


  • On-site inspection, inventory
  • Checking for software updates
  • Internal technical diagnostics
  • Security audit & test
  • Systems update


  • Dealing with security breaches
  • Applying patches
  • Validating the patch


  • Testing of operational procedures relating to security
  • Security tests during functional upgrades

Experience & expertise 

  • Methodology & reference: EBIOS, EBIOS RM, PIMSEC
  • Regulatory expertise: ANSSI, NIS, LPM (class 1,2, 3)
  • Technical expertise: Syslog, Wallix, Nagios, Radius, Sentryo, Cybelius, Pki, LDAP, Cisco, Hirschmann, Genetec, Stormshield
  • Governance and integration expertise for projects involving cybersecurity
  • Member of CLUSIF: French Club for Information Security