Inspection and advanced diagnostics

In support of maintenance, our specialist teams provide you with their know-how for the inspection and advanced diagnostics of your installations or equipment.

Infrared thermography  
Our services consist in taking aerial photographs by means of infrared thermography, using a camera mounted on a drone. Analysing these images makes it possible to identify faults and geolocate them: 

  • Inspection of photovoltaic panels
  • Inspection of heating networks
  • Inspection of buildings’ facades and roofs

Rotating machine diagnostics

Our experts carry out complete diagnostics to keep many types of equipment in operational readiness: alternators, synchronous motors, asynchronous motors, asynchronous slip-ring motors, DC motors, static machines, excitation regulators

  • Checking protections, with the injection set
  • Commissioning of drive systems with frequency converter
  • Alignment of laser machines
  • ‘RSG’ inspection on turbo-alternator or engine rotor
  • Inspection and expert survey using endoscope
  • Insulation check against ground, between phases, polarisation index
  • Infra-red camera inspection and check
  • Dielectric test, AC or DC
  • Partial discharge measurements, tangent delta, etc ...
  • Ohmic resistance, impedance, shock wave measurements, etc ...
  • Recorder and analyser of vibrations, current, voltage, etc ...
  • Expert survey, diagnostics, maintenance on rotating machines
  • ELCID test on dismantled rotating machine
  • Delivery, assembly, adaptation, supervision of LV and HV or direct current drive systems

Diagnostics of electrical equipment
Diagnostics of electrical equipment concern all installations, from the delivery station to the loads: network, transformers, drives, motors and generators, resistors, etc.
Their purpose is to carry out a balance of power to detect network or consumer faults, electromagnetic faults in rotating machines, to capture transient and random faults,as well as to detect control and regulation problems. It can also detect hot spots, sources of faults or fire.