Monitoring and control systems

Our centre of expertise implements supervision systems from our own solutions (Syclone by Clemessy) or those available on the market, automation and measurement solutions for processes requiring a high level of availability, safety and traceability.

Supervision and automation

  • 24/7 production process control, monitoring and automation system
  • Renovation of existing installations (energy, fluids, GTE / GTC / GTB, HVAC, ATEX, ...)
  • Human/Machine Interface (HMI) limiting operator risk
  • Retrofitting of vacuum systems

Real-time control / measurement systems

  • For high-performance running of your critical systems
  • Packaging, acquisition, archiving and analysis of test measurements
  • Control and measurement systems for launchers, military vectors and thrusters
  • Real-time sequencer and monitoring & control motor
  • Very high frequency simulation and test means (100µs)