Performance management and energy efficiency

Uptimum, a full range of services for energy innovation

  • Energy audit: snapshot of the existing situation to target and qualify avenues for progress over time, characterise the investment to be planned (and return on investment) and prioritise areas for potential savings.
  • Facilities management: management allows in-situ or remote monitoring of the various installations having an influence on the company’s energy performance.
  • Awareness: real energy coaching, awareness is part of an operational logic aimed at optimum comfort, while monitoring energy consumption.
  • Enhancement of heritage: to summarise the recommendations of our experts, a multi-year work plan lists the concrete responses to sustainably reduce the environmental footprint.
  • Fundraising: identifying regional, national or European aid involves rather tedious monitoring work, which the Eiffage Énergie teams also take care of. There is a lot of financial aid in the area of ​​energy efficiency, but preparing the applications for it is complex.

Agile buildings serving operational performance

For your new constructions or your building renovation operations, our teams have developed a system for controlling lighting and sockets. This system, which is wireless, is intended to be flexible (no rewiring to be provided for when changing layouts) and fast.

In an environmental approach, this solution will provide monitoring and precise information on the consumption of each socket / light fitting in the building.

The advantages of our solution:

  • Modularity and reconfiguration of a space
  • No need for certain control wiring (switches, Bus, etc.)
  • System scalability
  • Reporting of consumption by equipment
  • Wireless system
  • Compatibility with a large number of equipment available on the market

Building Management Systems/Centralised Technical Management  

Our experts implement the monitoring and supervision system for industrial or technical equipment.

You will be able to view the operating status, be informed of alarms and manage them, automate all or part of the operation, act, control and regulate.

The following areas are concerned:

  • Energy installations: water, gas, electricity, steam, ...
  • Utilities: lighting, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, ...
  • Security and safety installations: access control, fire, video surveillance, emergency power supplies, ...

The Syclone® x Low Carbon offer was developed to support you in your projects to reduce your environmental impact. Whether it be energy consumption management, structural monitoring, or the optimisation of industrial processes, our solution adapts to it:

  • Management of gas and electricity contracts
  • Control of basic equipment (light, temperature)
  • WEB supervision (sequencing, automation, editing mimic diagrams, etc.)
  • Real-time monitoring & control of on-site installations
  • Integration of IoT sensors
  • Data cross-checking with external databases
  • Operator alerts (calendar, alarms, on-call duty, etc.)

Syclone® x Low Carbon includes an energy contract management module. We have therefore developed various features for it to optimise and reduce your energy consumption:

  • Monitoring of consumption trends
  • Alarms when exceeding set thresholds
  • Consumption archiving

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