Performance optimisation

Artificial intelligence serving performance optimisation

SmartForest is a Big Data and Data Science platform reinforced by an artificial intelligence engine, allowing descriptive, predictive or prescriptive analyses to be carried out in order to optimise your production tool and its maintenance.

SmartForest generates new data from the modelling of the complex elements of a process, which paves the way for even more detailed analyses.

SmartForest provides a data ingestion & storage and automation service for these models allowing

  • restitution by advanced KPIs (descriptive analysis),
  • detection of a deviation from a benchmark behaviour (predictive analysis),
  • proposals for curative actions based on feedback (prescriptive analysis)

For total control of production performance

  • Understand what's happening
  • Find the factors influencing quality or performance
  • Understand the causes of variations in cycle time
  • Detect any deviation / nominal operation

Take effective action  

  • Fixing optimum production parameters