Clemessy takes care of Fessenheim nuclear power plant’s electrical facilities

Clemessy takes care of Fessenheim nuclear power plant’s electrical facilities

In order to support and assist the preparations for dismantling Fessenheim nuclear power plant, EDF has appointed our Clemessy experts to carry out multi-technical maintenance on all facilities for a three-year period. The contract was signed last March and may be extended to five years, until the plant is dismantled.  

EDF has been preparing the facilities for dismantling after 43 years of service since the shutdown of the two Fessenheim reactors in 2020 (the first in February and the second in June).  

As leader of the consortium in charge of the site's industrial maintenance with Omexom and Endel, Clemessy has undertaken to maintain the electrical facilities for at least three years. Our experts will thus make sure that the electrical safety facilities function properly as long as the fuel is in the plant. They are to keep the lighting and the various electrical panels in perfect working order. They will ensure that the access control and fire detection systems are maintained, and also the watertightness of the sectorisation devices which are designed to prevent the possible spread of any outbreak of fire. The Endel employees will be in charge of the mechanical maintenance of the plant and the piping. 

Under EDF’s leadership, our teams will be responsible for the multi-technical maintenance of the facilities. The scope of their mission will be adjusted during quarterly management meetings, according to the needs specified by the customer.  

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