Clévia completes upgrading work on Citéco, the Cité de l’Economie in Paris

Clévia completes upgrading work on Citéco, the Cité de l’Economie  in Paris

The Cité de l’Economie is housed in an emblematic building formerly part of the Banque de France, which has been renovated and transformed into a Currency Museum and will open its doors mid-June. Upgrading work on the Hôtel Gaillard located Place du Général Catroux in Paris’  XVIIth arrondissement benefited from the specialist know-how of  the HVAC and energy engineering experts from our Clévia brand.

In order to renovate this historic, 6,000 mbuilding dating from the 19th century, our teams carried out customized HVAC, smoke extraction, fire prevention and plumbing works. They had to comply with the demands of the existing architecture, integrating the new networks as discreetly as possible into the interior decoration. 

Our teams installed two refrigeration units in the basement (each with 300 kW output) two 400 kW dry-coolers on the terrace and a 600 kW substation linked to Parisian urban heating company CPCU’s heat network. They also commissioned 9 twin-head circulators and 17 air-handling units for the different areas of the building : vault, Défrasse Hall, currency café, auditorium, monumental staircase and exhibition rooms. Our air-conditioning specialists installed 75 fan coil units (2 and 4-pipe), 3 climate control cooling units and 8 air extractors and commissioned mechanical smoke extraction systems for the vault, auditorium and currency café, plus a water treatment system to supply the moats surrounding the vault. Our plumbers also connected up four domestic hot-water tanks, including a centralized domestic hot-water production system with a 300-litre capacity for the currency café, and three wastewater pumping stations in the basement. To round off the works, our installers fitted 45 toilets, including a historic urinal, and 100 CO2 extinguishers. ‘This project involved a business manager and his apprentice, a works supervisor, an electricity and regulation manager, an adjuster, two master-craftsmen pipefitters and a number of subcontractors ; pipe and duct fitters, insulators, freight and materials handlers, etc.”  said business manager Florian Tanneau.

The Cité de l’Economie, which will open to the general public on 14 June 2019, was inaugurated on 15 May in the presence of Economic Affairs Minister  Bruno Lemaire and the Governor of the Banque de France.

Photo credits : © Cité de la Monnaie