Clévia is to carry out work for COGV in the new tertiary real-estate complex Work’in Park in Lyon (69)

Clévia is to carry out work for COGV in the new tertiary real-estate complex Work’in Park in Lyon (69)

Property developer COGV has chosen to entrust our Clévia brand with work on a tertiary real-estate complex comprising four buildings (27,500 m2) located in the heart of the Techsud-Gerland district in Lyon’s seventh arrondissement. Our HVAC and energy engineering experts will take charge of HVAC work on this huge tertiary campus, as well as plumbing and sanitation and the Building Automation System (BAS). 

The contract has just been signed, but our employees are all ready to design and commission hot water production in all four buildings by constructing a 1,600 kW district heating substation, and chilled water production by installing two refrigeration units with 800 kW capacity per unit. 

They will also organize the heating and cooling system’s 4-tube distribution by deploying 27,500 linear metres of pipes. 1,413 ductable indoor units with a dual function air diffuser of the BDSR Lindab type for both supply and extract air will then be commissioned for air-conditioning throughout the campus. 

A dozen dual-flow air-handling units totaling 140,000 m3 of air flow per hour are to be installed, requiring 6,500 linear metres of circular ducts and 58 tonnes of rectangular ducts. 
Our plumbers will also install 564 sanitary units, while our BAS specialists are to take charge of commissioning energy metering on the supervisory PC. 

The four buildings in this real-estate complex are sure to be BREEAM-certified “Excellent”. The highly-demanding Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method will involve our teams committing to Work’in Park’s future environmental performance at every stage of the project. 

Nearly 1,300 employees of EDF subsidiary and key nuclear player Framatome will move into the new premises in late 2021, settling in this modern building dedicated to  collective working methods, with a planned intake of 1,750 people.

Photo credits : © COGV - L'agence d'architectes AFAA