Dorsalys takes part in deploying optical fibre for Orange on the Vendée coast

Dorsalys takes part in deploying optical fibre for Orange on the Vendée coast

Incumbent telecommunications operator Orange has entrusted Dorsalys with studies and cabling work on the high speed broadband internet network to be deployed into the homes of individuals in five of the Vendee department’s municipalities : Fiber to the home or FFTH. Optical fibre deployment is in progress in Sables d’Olonne and in the north-west of the conurbation in Vairé, L’île-d’Olonne, Saint-Mathurin and Sainte-Foy. 

To carry through their assignment, our specialists studied the supply to each home located in the demarcated area and negotiated with the various property management firms for their authorization to connect up the buildings concerned. They also obtained the necessary permission to work on the road, in order to establish the overhead link-ups, roll out cable, take measurements and make connections. The works undertaken are scheduled until March 2022.  

“The area where we are operating includes a number of overhead lines and nearly 7,000 existing power and telephone poles on which we have to deploy FFTH. These connection works involve a lot of design and engineering since our employees have to draw up a design report to calculate the mechanical load that each of the poles used can support. If need be, we will have to apply for special permits in order to install new poles” said agency manager Sébastien Meslet 

A total of 42,000 outlets are to be installed in these Vendée municipalities classified as an AMII area (the acronym for Appel à Manifestation d’Intention d’Investissement or Call for Expressions of Intent to Invest).This means that the operator Orange has undertaken to deploy the FTTH optical fibre network at its own expense. As the local authorities did not have to subsidize high-speed internet deployment works in Sables d’Olonne urban area, they will be able to focus on areas deemed less profitable by the main operators.  

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