Eiffage Énergie Systèmes carries out metal cladding work on the façade of a new residential building near Tours, for Icade

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes carries out metal cladding work on the façade of a new residential building near Tours, for Icade

Acknowledged real estate developer Icade, with the architectural cabinet, is currently supervising the construction of a residential building in the Montjoyeux district of Tours. The metal cladding on the façade of this apartment block adjoining a wooded and listed area was entrusted to our teams of locksmiths and metalworkers.

Grandmont Park apartment block, which borders the Parc de Grandmont, comprises 68 two- or three-room apartments, each with terrace or balcony and a parking space in the building’s car park. Our teams have designed, built and fitted all the metal decoration on the façade of this gated community.  

The Design and Engineering Department managed by Luis Monteiro first designed the monumental trees destined to punctuate the building’s façade. Design work on these and other decorations, for the railings and car-park barrier screens, began in January 2018. After three months’ work our metalworkers Cyril Dodin and Maxime Bondt took over in the workshop, constructing the elements before the fitting phase, which began in September 2018. Project manager Xavier Chevrollier worked hand in hand with team foreman Étienne Robert, assisted by master craftsman Jean-Baptiste Sassier.
Together, they installed nine monumental trees of around 20 metres high, each spanning  nearly 5 metres. They also fitted expanded metal railings decorated with small gold-plated oakleaves. They went on to screen the car park perimeter on the ground floor of the building, fixing perforated sheet-metal gates on which ferns had been drawn beforehand by laser.  

“As locksmiths and metalworkers, we are used to designing large-scale pergolas and elegant covered yards, but this is the most monumental of all the projects we have been given up to now. I wanted to take part in the call for tenders on this project as I knew we had the technical skills needed to win the contract. Nevertheless, the design phase in the Design and Engineering Department, production in the workshop and fitting structures of this size were a new experience for us” said Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ metalwork activities manager Antony Mary. 

These works requiring first the design phase from January 2018, then the construction of the trees, railings and car park screens from April 2018 onwards, are scheduled for completion at the end of July 2019. 

Photo credits : © Aurélie Mary