Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ expertise brand Rambure markets a new adhesive extrusion product tested in Rennes (35)

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ expertise brand Rambure markets a new adhesive extrusion product tested in Rennes (35)

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes boasts a range of specialized products and services including the expertise developed by Rambure in Rennes (35). Rambure is specialized in the extrusion of highly viscous products and has developed a system which it is continually improving. The “New Rambure” has already conquered its first customers and has a promising future.

The system developed by Rambure is used to produce adhesive beads for fixing windscreens, rear windows and any other panel involved in an automotive production line, for example. The system, which can fit over a vat of adhesive, includes an adhesive extruder part linked to a glue gun with a nozzle. It is mainly used in the automotive field but can also be applied in the defence and aerospace sectors. By investing in a more mature version of its product, Rambure is aiming to improve technical performance.
“The New Rambure which we have developed enables faster adhesive extrusion, which means we can apply the beads produced at speeds of up to 600 mm/s (compared to 350 to 400 mm/s previously). The new system enables the flow of adhesive and speed of deposit to be increased and controlled at the same time. The product also defines pathways and trails of adhesive, in order to monitor the new volumetric flow rate” said sales engineer Gwenaël Le Coz.

The performances obtained meet the requirements of automotive design trends (finer, lighter and more extensive glass surfaces). The New Rambure also contributes to improving cycle times. “The tests carried out on our Rennes trial platform were very conclusive, and enabled us to persuade our first customers. The first orders have been placed and the New Rambure will be in operation this summer. Our current customers do not need to invest in new facilities since we have the means of developing existing equipment cost-effectively and guaranteeing performance’ continued Gwenaël Le Coz.  

Customers already equipped with Rambure extrusion facilities, even old ones, can thus avoid the problem of obsolescence by having their equipment upgraded by our experts.

Photo credits : © Agence Franck Castel