Expercité : floodlighting La Bassée church (59)

Expercité : floodlighting La Bassée church (59)

As part of Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ Expercité solution which meets the needs of towns and local authorities, our teams have installed floodlighting for an amazing church at La Bassée in northern France.

Saint-Vaast de La Bassée Church was built in 2006, chiefly of reinforced concrete and glass, and is located in the heart of a community of 6,500 inhabitants. Our Expercité specialists supplied and installed 86 floodlights equipped with LEDS, with total capacity of only 3,400 watts, in order to showcase the monument. 

Our teams embedded ten floodlights in the pavement adjoining the church and recessed a dozen others into the steps of the esplanade, while 14 light sources were fitted inside the steeple. The church façade was equipped with 42 lighting devices and the fronts of local buildings were provided with 8 supplementary floodlights. We should mention that an aerial platform capable of reaching 65 metres in height was needed to install the lights on the spire.

Photo credits : ©Jean-Christophe Hecquet