Hyline develops the camembert manufacturing process for a major dairy group

Hyline develops the camembert manufacturing process for a major dairy group

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ expertise brand Hyline specializes in high-purity piping network design. The brand is involved in production processes subject to draconian hygiene and traceability restrictions, in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food processing fields. Our know-how has been appreciated and recognized by a dairy group, which has just entrusted two complementary projects to our experts in its camembert factory.  

The first project involves the evolution of the camembert ripening and pasteurization process, upstream of the milk coagulation phase. “Our customer has invested in a latest-generation coagulator which transforms milk into curd ready to be moulded. Before commissioning, the factory asked us to intervene on the two existing pasteurization lines, in order to improve the launch and washing phases of the workshop concerned. What’s more, we are in charge of creating a third pasteurization line” said Hyline activities manager Gilles Payre. After customer validation of the preliminary studies and preassembled fully-equipped skids, our specialists are currently assembling the new line and improving the existing lines on the site. All in all, the project includes replacing and installing over 300 facilities (vats, pasteurisers, pumps, valves, exchangers and many instrumentation elements). The changeover of the three pasteurization lines to the new coagulator is scheduled for the end of the year. A battery of tests and trials in early 2021 will follow, to complete the process transition.  

”The second project concerns the modernization, securing and automation of a second workshop in this camembert factory. Our customer has entrusted us with the automation of its fermenting vats to improve their heating and cooling. We are also to work on the filling and refilling of the vats, so as to make the cleaning easier” went on Gilles Payre. These works will complete the first project, and are scheduled for the second half of 2021.  

In under two years, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ teams in Laval have managed to demonstrate their know-how, especially to this major dairy group. An excellent benchmark, enabling us now to assert our credibility with other professionals in the sector.  

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