In Dunkerque, Clemessy takes part in setting up the IndaChlor plant for Indaver Group

In Dunkerque, Clemessy takes part in setting up the IndaChlor plant for Indaver Group

Belgian sustainable waste management specialist Indaver has chosen to set up its new facility in Loon-Plage in the heart of one of Dunkerque’s industrial port areas (59). The chemical plant named IndaChlor enables the treatment and recovery of chlorinated residues, mainly from the industrial production of PVC. Clemessy is in charge of the site’s electrical facilities and automation.  

Our experts carried out the electrical studies and all the electrical works associated with the utilities (electrical cabinet, lighting, power outlets and grounding, etc.) They are also in charge of  connecting the automation cabinets and the site’s various networks (computer racks, optical fibre and RJ45 sockets). In addition, they undertook the plant instrumentation work (installation of sensors, transmitters, pneumatic connection of equipment, etc.)  

IndaChlor chlorinated waste processing plant is self-sufficient. It resells the chlorine extracted from the treated waste and uses the steam from the industrial process to power a turbine which supplies the site with electricity.  

As for the steam residues, they are sent to the neighbouring distillery Ryssen Alcools via an overhead pipe network. In return, IndaChlor treats its condensate emissions, again via the dedicated pipe network. The plant also has the capacity to supply liquid hydrochloric acid produced from recycled waste to other industries through an underground pipeline network. This circular economy model in line with Indaver’s wishes is above all an example of industrial ecology.  

©Jean-Christophe Hecquet