In Montreuil (93), Eiffage Énergie Systèmes upgrades the building management system for Terra Nova II

In Montreuil (93), Eiffage Énergie Systèmes upgrades the building management system for Terra Nova II

CBRE real estate agency in Montreuil (93) includes the commercial building Terra Nova II, rue Henri Rol-Tanguy, in its portfolio. As part of a private contract, the company entrusted Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ teams with the renovation of the building’s management system (BMS) and HVAC work.

Our teams, who are already in charge of the building’s technical operation, took in hand overall upgrading of the BMS (which enables the HVAC facilities to function). The site remained open for the duration of the works, which had an impact on project management and coordination. To limit inconvenience for users, the works were organized in three stages. To begin with, our staff laid the Ethernet links between the BMS controller and data concentrators, installed in new cabinets on each floor. Next, they installed the bus connections (which facilitate the system’s wiring and extension) between the BMS concentrators and regulators on each floor of the building. They went on to replace the ducted fan coil unit regulators, before fitting flow meters (for cold water) and energy meters (for chilled water).

Our ventilation specialists also replaced the fire alarm wiring closet communication cards enabling the transmission of fire damper condition to the BMS. They went on to undertake lighting management recovery in the common areas and handle information feedback from the building’s distribution boards and low-voltage master distribution panels.

Finally, they installed new graphic imaging on the technical maintainer’s monitoring interface as well as two new monitoring platforms, one for each reception hall. Complete recovery of air handling unit regulation was achieved using Distech Control regulatory material, which was also integrated into the existing cabinets.

Photo credits : © Alexis Toureau