MEL renews its trust in Expercité for video surveillance facility maintenance

MEL renews its trust in Expercité for video surveillance facility maintenance

Lille European Metropolis (MEL) traffic regulation department has renewed its contract with Expercité for the modernization of its remote monitoring network, and facility maintenance. The four-year framework agreement was awarded in July 2021. This is the third renewal. 

The agreement reached provides for our experts to replace aging equipment and update existing traffic video surveillance facilities. They will also have to replace damaged facilities or equipment in the event of an accident. Fibre optic cable repair and certain civil engineering operations (repairs, foundations, etc.) are expected as well. 

“We have also undertaken to supply the MEL with spare parts so that it can maintain the video surveillance facilities connected to the Central Traffic Control Station by itself. Video maintenance is only one part of the overall system. Our teams, who installed the PCRT video wall four years ago, supplied and preconfigured all the equipment needed to transmit the video flow,” pointed out business manager Mikael D’Hollander. 

The Metropolis’ Central Traffic Control Station is equipped with a total of 172 cameras. Some of them are analogue models that have become obsolete. On request, our specialists are gradually replacing them with fibre-optic IP cameras, with much higher resolution. The MEL technicians are responsible for integrating the video system on the dedicated network, and they also keep control of securing the facilities before they are put back into operation by our experts. 

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