Terceo upgrades the former École des Mines enabling Nancy’s education authority to consolidate its services there.

Terceo upgrades the former École des Mines enabling Nancy’s education authority to consolidate its services there.

Our teams are taking part in a redevelopment project on the former École des Mines engineering school building, to enable the city of Nancy’s education authority to group its departments together in one place. Our experts have carried out the HV and LV works in this 15,000 m² tertiary building under the aegis of urban architects BMT, in association with Mr Jean-Louis Mohoric Architect DPLG.  

As part of comprehensive upgrading work on Nancy’s former École des Mines, our electricians carried out high voltage works. They installed a 1,000 kVA transformer, 20 distribution boards, a 120 kVA inverter and the power supply for 950 workstations. They also took charge of the low voltage works, handling pre-wiring for the building’s computers and installing 2,250 RJ45 connectors. Our specialists deployed access control and the intruder alarm for the future education authority, and also 416 controlled lever handle locks to secure the entrance to each office. They went on to install a fire alarm linked to a Vesda smoke detection system in the attics, several video portals at each of the site’s entry points, and outdoor lighting poles.  

“To install power distribution on every floor of this building with its 4.5 m of height from floor to ceiling slab we had to replace our usual lightweight individual rolling platforms by electro-pneumatic aerial work platforms. This elevation solution saved us precious time. It made it easier for our technicians to move around the site, while ensuring their safety”, said business manager Nicolas Courrier. 

As the building is located on Marguerite de Lorraine roundabout, our staff in charge of securing outdoor areas installed a long-range reader connected to the access barrier, in order to ease traffic flow and facilitate access to the site for the authority’s 600 employees.  

The works began in May 2019 and are scheduled for completion in October 2021. The building will then be able to house the education authority’s services, the departments of the DSDEN (Department of National Education Services, formerly the Inspection Académique), the National Education Inspectorate for the districts of Jarville-la-Malgrange and Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, and the National Education Resource Centre (the Atelier Canopé). 

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