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Radiological containment and nuclear process

As the lead contractor brand for radiological containment solutions, specialising in nuclear processes and research laboratories in new energies, SPG is mainly geared to scientific and nuclear, civil and military research.

Nuclear processes in glove boxes and test loops

Our experts support you in the design, manufacture, integration and assembly of instrumented processes, for uses intended for extreme pressure (from vacuum and ultra-high vacuum to high pressure) and temperature (from cryogenic temperatures to high temperatures).

They also design metal enclosures called class 1 “glove boxes” which allow the containment of radioactive elements and make it possible to handle materials.

Our experts are also called upon to integrate commercially available machines (such as machine tools, deep freezers, welding stations, cutting systems, etc.) inside airtight enclosures. 

Process glove boxes :

  • Gas management and Tritium purification, isotope separation, catalytic exchanger and cryognic distillation system
  • Glove box processes for transforming, conditioning and storing nuclear material
  • Resistive, inductive and smelting gas and furnace treatment
  • Machining and assembly processes

Drivers and test loops :

  • Pressure equipment - (autoclaves, reactors, exchangers, etc.)
  • Cryogenic equipment (cryostats, cryogenic transfer lines, Johnston connections)
  • Heat transfer fluid corrosion study trial loops (water, lithium, sodium, helium, etc.)
  • Catalysis and hydrotreatment drivers and benches
  • H2 electrolysers, hydrogen separation

Precision mechanical assemblies :

  • Special automated and robotic machines
  • Equipment, devices and enclosures under vacuum/ultra-vacuum
  • Precision and remote handling tools
  • Various tools

Nuclear transport and storage containers

The SPG teams also specialise in manufacturing storage containers and transporting radioactive materials or other hazardous materials, passive or active (while maintaining temperature and pressure).

Their expertise focuses on the design and manufacture of precision parts and complex sets:

  • Transport and storage containers for nuclear materials and objects (Class A, B and C containers, IAEA standard)
  • Active and passive 200L Tritium containers

High-performance sealing system, Seal S™

The teams have developed a high-performance sealing system, which is qualified particularly by the most demanding industries. The Seal S™, invented, manufactured and marketed by SPG, is also used in the processes and applications which the company delivers to its customers.

  • Complete sealing system: metal seals, flanges, fittings and clamps
  • Stainless steel, Inconel (other metal alloys on request)
  • Resistant to low and high temperatures (-269°C / +1100°C) and low and high pressures
  • High-performance sealing, in particular the 600 bar high pressure hydrogen pipelines on the launch pads of European space launchers

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