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Solutions designer

Spread out around the country, our specialist design offices are also centres of expertise at your disposal. They provide you with an overall understanding of your needs and build the most appropriate solution to meet your challenges in terms of reliability, flexibility and maintainability.

A network of skills serving customers

A network of skills serving customers

Clemessy's teams are multidisciplinary and carry out work at every stage of a project: from drawing up the specifications defining your needs, to handing-over and commissioning  the facility, not forgetting the phases involving the preliminary architecture, engineering, work completion and tests.

They use the latest generation of equipment and software.

Experience in your sector of activity

Experience in your sector of activity

The diversity and complementarity of the design offices’ expertise allow Clemessy to position itself on a wide variety of industrial market segments and to master the design of complex industrial systems.

Businesses demand rigour and precision, but the solutions testify to the creativity and the capacity for innovation.

The most demanding industries rely on Clemessy’s expertise: aeronautics, automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical-petrochemical, iron & steel, space, energy, nuclear, ...

Industries of the future

Find out how our experts can support you in your transformation towards the developments of tomorrow.

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