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Clemessy meets the needs of aircraft manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and aircraft maintenance companies in the fields of R & D, aircraft production and maintenance. Our customers are particularly demanding when it comes to the quality, reliability and scalability of their facilities.

To meet this challenge, we are positioning ourselves as an integrator of the technologies and expertise implemented: electrical, HVAC, test facilities, production lines and maintenance for both buildings and industrial processes.

Optimize aeronautical services

Clemessy's teams support aeronautical players on all the continents and meet their needs for turnkey systems. Clemessy offers you:

  • The optimization of your means of production thanks to our teams’ expertise in the fields of diagnosis, measurement, control, monitoring and testing.
  • Monitoring  the performances of electrical infrastructure, to offer you standard or custom-made solutions in the fields of power & lighting, communications and more specifically the security and safety requirements of your facilities, your clean rooms and your Faraday cages.
  • Carrying out maintenance and operating the facilities.

An expertise serving aircraft manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and aircraft maintenance companies

When designing planes and drones, our teams are here to offer you the required validation and qualification processes:

  • Ironbird / Helicopter 0 / Drone
  • landing gear
  • rudder and THSA
  • TRAS
  • flaps and slats
  • motors, fuel pumps, actuators
  • embedded computers
  • blades

When setting up the assembly line, our teams optimize your production line (Lean Manufacturing):

  • Final Assembly Line (FAL)
  • supply chain management
  • equipment & tools
  • traceability

Industries of the future

Discover how our experts can assist you in your transformation towards tomorrow’s evolutions. 

Optimization of your production and test facilities

  • Monitoring and control
  • Automation of multitechnical test benches
  • Data acquisition & processing
  • Development of critical software
  • Configuration Management / Data Loading
  • Integration, wiring, harnesses
  • Mechanisation, handling & surveillance (MGSE)
  • Process Automation / Plant Engineering
  • Assembly integration tests & simulation (EGSE)
  • Analysis and Monitoring system (leakage and dimensional)
  • Hardware In the Loop (HIL) Test benches
  • RF / EMC testing laboratories
  • Telemetry / remote control
  • Automated production and end-of-line test benches (STTE-AGE / GSE)
  • OS, ILS studies

Monitoring the performance of electrical infrastructure

  • Securing sensitive sites
  • Protection of property and people
  • Information Systems Security
  • Building Management Systems
  • HV/LV networks & power generation facilities
  • Networks & Communication

Performing the maintenance and operation of facilities

  • Maintenance engineering
  • Management of subcontractors
  • Management and operation (MRO)
  • Energy efficiency
  • Calibrations
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