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Food processing

With a wealth of expertise, Clemessy works with food processing industry companies. Whether in the milk, beverage, plant matter processing or heated greenhouse industry, Clemessy meets the challenges relating to product quality, productivity improvement and cost reduction by providing turnkey and tailor-made solutions.

Traceability, industrial heating, clean piping and maintenance

Clemessy masters the various transformation processes. Our multi-technical experts support Food processing manufacturers throughout the production cycle, from design to maintenance. Our teams offer turnkey and tailor-made solutions when it comes to automation, industrial IT, traceability, electrical engineering, industrial heating and maintenance:

  • Automation and supervision: instrumentation, use of development standards, non-proprietary solutions, traceability, MES, failure analysis, alarm management.
  • Industrial heating : steam (production, distribution), positive cooling, brine network, air treatment, clean rooms, controlled atmosphere.
  • Design-build contractor: stainless steel process piping, mechanical revamping, mechanisation (robotics, conveying, special machines).
  • Maintenance: utilities maintenance (electricity, cooling, heating, industrial air), fluid maintenance (process valves, exchangers ...), end-of-line maintenance (thermoforming machine, packer ...),
  • unit shutdown, on-call duty, comprehensive contract.

With solid experience in these fields and a network of local agencies, we are able to react quickly and support our customers in France and in their international development.

Beverage industry

Clemessy meets the needs of the beverage and bottling industry, be it breweries, wines and spirits, champagne, water, juice and beverages.

Milk Industry

The French milk industry requires the constant adaptability of its production systems to remain competitive. As experts on all processes, Clemessy offers controlled processes such as reception, storage, skimming, heat treatment, maturation (curdling, shaping, maturing), drying tower, cleaning in place and finally conditioning.

Market gardening-Horticulture

Clemessy meets the needs of heated greenhouse operators by controlling their production cycle. We advise them with financing solutions and advise them on how to choose their type of energy production. We install innovative solutions to improve their production and reduce their operating costs: horticultural LED lamps, small turnkey cogeneration, pyro-gasification, gasification ...

Plant matter processing

The use of continuous automated processes is one of the particularities of the raw plant matter processing sector, with high stakes in terms of system reliability. We offer multi-technical solutions, particularly for high-power electricity distribution, continuous process automation and supervision and vibration monitoring of their equipment.

Industries of the future

Discover how our experts can assist you in your transformation towards tomorrow’s evolutions. 

  • Cargill

    The teams handled the design and completion of the electrical work and the monitoring and control of a unit.

  • Serres Clément

    Clemessy teams modelled and installed LED modules for heated glass greenhouses.

  • Brasseries Kronenbourg

    Kronenbourg breweries awarded Clemessy a contract for the preventive and corrective maintenance of fittings and valves.

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