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Managing and securing infrastructure and utilities

In light of the green-transition process and new building models, the challenges posed by infrastructure and utilities are increasingly complex.

Clemessy’s teams can help you optimise the management of your buildings (agility and flexibility), manage energy performance, encourage eco-responsibility, reduce your carbon footprint and protect industrial assets.

Managing energy performance and efficiency

A comprehensive range of services that foster energy innovation

To reduce environmental and economic costs with innovative solutions that optimise the energy performance of your processes, infrastructure and utilities, we have a comprehensive range of services that foster energy innovation.

  • control the overall cost of installations
  • reduce carbon emissions and energy use
  • comply with regulations 

Controlling all energy sources on the site

Building Management Systems / BMS / CTM

The control and monitoring system for industrial and technical equipment makes it possible to view the current operating status, receive notifications of alarms and manage them, automate some or all of the operation, take action, and control and regulate your installations.

Our solutions are tailored to the following areas:

  • Energy installations: water, gas, electricity, steam, etc.
  • Utilities: lighting, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, etc.  
  • Security and safety installations: access control, fire, video surveillance, emergency power supplies, etc.

Scalable instrumentation-and-control software for energy management

Whether for managing energy use, structure monitoring or industrial process optimisation, our Syclone x Low Carbon solution is adaptable:

  • Management of gas and electricity contracts 
  • Control of basic equipment (lights, temperature) 
  • WEB supervision (sequencing, automatism, publishing of synoptics, etc.) 
  • Real-time instrumentation-and-control of on-site installations 
  • Integration of IoT sensors 
  • Cross-referencing of data with external databases 
  • Operator alerts (calendar, alarms, on-call, etc.)

With its integrated energy-contract management module, Syclone x Low Carbon enables you to optimise and reduce your energy use:

  • Monitoring of consumption trends
  • Threshold alarms
  • Filing of energy use

Agile buildings to boost operational performance

For your new builds or building renovations, our teams have developed a light and power-socket management system. The system is wireless, flexible (no rewiring required in the event of layout changes) and fast.

This eco-friendly solution provides control over and accurate information on the energy used by each socket/light in the building. 

The advantages of our solution:

  • Modularity and reconfiguration of a space 
  • Removal of certain control wires (switches, buses, etc.) 
  • Scalability of the system 
  • Energy use reported by each piece of equipment 
  • Wireless system 
  • Compatibility with a large range of equipment on the market

Inspection and advanced diagnosis

Infrared thermography measures the temperature emitted by target surfaces and provides temperature maps. Our specialists detect thermal bridges, insulation defects, leaks and areas of loss to reduce the cost of your infrastructure. 

Thermal control of buildings and refractory material

Infrared thermography can be used to locate thermal bridges and insulation defects in the walls and roof of buildings. In industry, it is used to assess the condition of furnace refractory material and heat insulators, allowing work to be scheduled during shutdowns.

Aerial thermography of heating networks

The primary aim is to locate leaks and heat loss areas on a heating network, but also to trace the network’s route. Measurements are taken by plane or helicopter when the weather is cold and dry. The route is plotted on base maps with its thermal analysis.
Short networks can also be audited by drone: 

  • inspection of photovoltaic panels 
  • inspection of heating networks 
  • inspection of the walls and roof of buildings 

Detection of fugitive disturbance 

To detect fugitive disturbance that can occur on equipment, infrastructure and utilities, our teams have designed a software solution that captures electric signals with or without sensors and the various National Instruments acquisition cards, defined according to requirements. This comprehensive system-installation service, which requires between one and several weeks, allows the phenomena sought to be detected and analysed:

  • random triggering of a rotating machine
  • detection of a disturbance on an electricity grid
  • temporary monitoring of a piece of equipment
  • detection of a transient phenomenon
  • search for correlation between different physical quantities
  • water hammer or other sources of vibration of pipes or structures

Securing industrial sites and people

Sites that are in operation are exposed to risks. Protecting buildings against malicious acts or operational actions requires the implementation of specific architectural devices that comply with existing regulations.

As a systems OEM and integrator, Clemessy implements tried-and-tested solutions covering all the areas that are essential for securing your industrial sites. 

Security and protection

Design, integration, commissioning and maintenance: benefit from security solutions adapted to your industrial site: 

  • access control and management
  • anti-intrusion, biometric control
  • automatic doors and windows
  • video surveillance
  • perimeter protection
  • secure power supplies
  • supervision/hypervision
  • technical alarms
  • backup and warning

Safety of property and people

Design, integration, commissioning and maintenance: benefit from solutions for the safety of property and people adapted to your site:

  • fire detection
  • explosive gas detection
  • fire extinguishing
  • particle counting
  • toxic gas detection
  • lightning protection
  • securing of power supplies

Cybersecurity: securing technical systems

To protect your infrastructure from the risks associated with cyberattacks, our specialists assist you in the following areas:

  • securing of systems, networks, data, software and all equipment (access control readers, cameras, detectors, etc.) 
  • active monitoring of network-connected monitoring equipment 
  • installation of network probes 
  • interface with SIEMs or an SOC  

Communication and information


To stay informed and communicate with all your stakeholders, our experts can install:

  • telephony and interphony
  • sound and video
  • computer networks
  • analogue and digital radiocommunication

Industrial 5G: an efficient and reliable network

We suggest that our clients implement a 4G solution that is scalable to 5G and that is adapted to the performance of their plant to support them during their transition to the industry of the future, while also providing a turnkey offer. The offer is adapted to the client’s financing capacity: one-off, service charge, discounted rental. 

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