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the brand dedicated to industry

Clemessy, the Eiffage Énergie Systèmes brand, brings together all the skills and expertise dedicated to the world of industry.

It’s great ideas that move the world forward. But for this to happen, Industry has to make ideas concrete, attractive and profitable. 

And that's where the men and women of the Clemessy company come in, with their experience and expertise.

They build and upgrade factories, develop systems, design and build machines, maintain them, organize energy flows and production lines.

They can do all this on the other side of the world like "just around the corner", over very long periods or just on a day-to-day basis ...

But they always do it with passion, because it is passion and being demanding which makes it possible, while founding a "strong customer relationship", to go faster and further, to be part of an ambitious project and adopt an approach which is close to the territories concerned and respectful of the future.

Engineering and design

Clemessy’s engineers and technicians in our design offices are involved in all the stages of your project: from preparing the specifications defining your needs onwards to the design.

Project Management

Experienced project managers capable of managing multi-technical and multi-partner projects.

Maintenance and repairs

Many types of equipment and subassemblies are repaired and rebuilt in our workshops and centres of expertise.