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Our multitechnical skills

The teams at Eiffage Energie Systèmes have expertise in the following areas:


Electrical engineering

  • Electrical power generation
  • Transmission and distribution (whether for MV/HV substations and lines or rural and urban electrification)
  • Electricity distribution
  • Electricity systems
  • UPS systems
  • Site electrical networks.
Communication et sécurisation

Communication and security

  • Networks and communication
  • Protection of property and people
  • Site security and safety
Automatismes et informatique

Industrial automation and IT

  • Monitoring and control systems, supervision systems, CTM, BMS ...
  • Business applications and specific software
  • Data acquisition, processing and archiving
  • Ground production equipment (integration, testing, simulation)
Mesures et moyens d'essai

Measurements / Test equipment

  • Signal acquisition and processing
  • Instrumentation, regulation
  • Electrical and vibratory analysis
  • Physico-chemical analysis
  • Thermographic analysis
  • Metrology

Electromechanical engineering

  • General mechanics
  • Rotating mechanics
  • Hydraulic generation
  • Hydraulic and aeraulic tests
  • Fluid transfer
  • Off-shore hydraulics
  • Fluid conditioning and lubrication
  • Vacuum / pressure / helium detection
  • Thermal, energy and climate


  • specialised piping
  • ultra-clean piping

With this wealth of multitechnical skills, Clemessy benefits from specialist expertise to meet the specific requirements of industrialists in the following fields:

  • repairing  valves with Barep
  • repairing rotating and static machines with Clemessy Motors
  • lubrication with Cogelub
  • vibratory analysis with Dynae
  • clean piping with Hyline
  • custody transfer metering with Meci
  • the qualification of laboratory equipment with Lab Assistance
  • industrial analysis systems with Secauto
  • mechanical assembly systems with SEH
  • the design and construction of main LV boards for Tabelec.

Industries of the future

Discover how our experts can assist you in your transformation towards tomorrow’s evolutions. 

Our skills