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Optimise R&D

Whether the goal is to ensure R&D efficiency, reduce development, fine-tuning and burn-in cycle times or validate product endurance, performance or yields, our experts are ready to take on your challenges, regardless of the complexity of your project.

Develop automated solutions with a digital twin

A digital twin is a virtual clone of a physical system or process. It behaves and ages over time like the real system. 

Our experts can help you design a digital twin for: 

  • collaborative design processes to improve information sharing 
  • researching and devising more efficient systems and processes, inspired by BIM 
  • entering production faster and providing a tool that will last the entire life of the product

Validate and optimise innovations from the design stage

Validation test management software

Design and simulation are key elements in developing your innovations. Today, software exists for running validation tests aimed at embedded electronic systems, tried and tested in simulated operating environments and integrated into the design-validation process for electronic systems at different stages of validation.

Our teams have designed a validation test management application (TestInView) for describing test scenarios and sequences, the management and control of tests under real time constraints and the exploitation of test results in the form of text and graphic sanctions.

Safer, more reliable processes

Real-time control / measurement systems

The most critical processes, such as control systems for launchers or very high-frequency simulation facilities, impose strict time and reliability requirements to ensure that they operate correctly. This calls for a perfect combination of hardware and software to ensure compliance with time constraints and processing accuracy, with availability levels of close to 100%.

Syclone by Clemessy, in its real-time version, plays a critical role in ensuring faultless control and processing within the mandatory calculation times specified in critical systems, even to the millisecond. And our position as a software developer and integrator allows us to perfectly optimise the hardware/software interface

Test benches

In order to validate and qualify mechanical, electrical or fluid-carrying components, sub-assemblies or complete assemblies, our multi-technical design offices devise, integrate and commission:

  • fatigue test benches: to measure the endurance of your equipment or systems (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, IT, etc.) 
  • characterisation benches: to measure the performance and efficiency of your equipment or systems (pressure, flows, temperature, etc.) 

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