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Improving logistical efficiency

The optimisation of logistics represents a real competitive advantage. Managing logistics in an optimal and intelligent way enables significant costs to be reduced while improving and automating the transport and/or storage part.

The Clemessy teams have developed solutions tailored to your logistics challenges. 

Automated order picking

Innovative solutions for the automation of your order picking warehouses.
The integration of robotics, associated with flow and packing optimisation IT, allows you to improve your productivity, while maintaining the flexibility essential to the evolution of your future contracts and products to be transported.

  • Dedicated WCS management IT
  • Picking with robots
  • Heterogeneous packing calculation software
  • Heterogeneous palletizing with robots
  • Cross-docking
  • Flow simulation

Robotic handling

Our handling solution with cable-driven robots allows you to optimise the handling of heavy loads. The essential advantages of this solution:

  • Repeatability
  • Accuracy
  • No footprint

An effective solution for large spaces (indoor or outdoor) or hostile environments.

Autonomous warehouse

Our specialists are designers and integrators of 4.0 logistics solutions. They master the most advanced technologies in terms of communication and information.
Intelligent conveyors, autonomous trolleys, AGVs, robots, cobots, artificial intelligence, simulator ... a multitude of techniques and technologies which allow you to have flexible, scalable and autonomous warehouses.

Our autonomous warehouse solution, based on Lean methods, will provide you with flexible automatic storage with an optimised floor space for raw materials and/or finished products. 

  • A warehouse that can be expanded according to changing needs
  • Rational use of energy
  • A perfect design thanks to the analytical configurator module that calculates and optimises each customer requirement
  • A "simulator" module that allows the system configuration to be checked and validated according to customer requirements
  • WMS software with artificial intelligence to control the whole system (forecast, optimisation and adaptation)
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