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Transforming industrial maintenance

Industrial maintenance is gradually changing in plants and shall become increasingly predictive in the factory of the future. Such change reduces costs and the number of human interventions.

We offer you effective maintenance tools that are adapted to your challenges.

Anticipating the risks of equipment failure

Predictive and prescriptive maintenance offers an early and comprehensive analysis of the risks of failure of equipment. Clemessy’s experts have developed SmartForest, a solution which combines Data Science with Artificial Intelligence to perform descriptive, predictive or prescriptive analyses and thus optimise the maintenance of installations.

Thanks to SmartForest, it is possible to predict when a piece of equipment may fail to intervene at the “right time” before the failure occurs, neither too early (preventive maintenance), nor too late (corrective maintenance), thereby reducing maintenance costs and improving the quality of the industrial process.

Maintenance engineering: anticipating operations as from the design stage

Maintenance engineering serves to specify, upstream of the project, the maintenance strategy in order to put into place the preventive and remedial operations necessary to guarantee the reliability of equipment.

Operating Safety (SDF)

Through audits, project management assistance or design support, we offer you a tangible and effective response to meet your goals.

  • Guarantee a high degree of availability of the installation
  • Optimise the overall cost of ownership
  • Identify and reduce risks of accidents and malfunction
  • Increase the security of people and critical systems
  • Propose solutions to replace obsolete equipment
  • Improve the maintainability of the product
  • Define all elements of future maintenance

SmartForest Mobility: connected maintenance assistance

SmartForest Mobility is the mobile solution that assists technicians on maintenance and monitoring rounds, and during field audits.

SmartForest Mobility lets you:

  • reduce process times
  • improve mobility and collaboration
  • put forward additional dynamic actions in real time (embedded AI tool)
  • generate reports at the end of the intervention
  • customise “business line” processes (creation of scenarios, content, entries) for multiple clients, multiple sites
  • operate in online and offline mode

Inspection and advanced diagnosis

Our specialised maintenance teams provide their know-how for the inspection and advanced diagnosis of your installations or equipment.

Advanced diagnosis of industrial installations

Find the factors responsible for a complex element in your processes (cycle-time variation, irregular quality, etc.) or the origin of a malfunction thanks to Data Science.  

  • To be used on problems with a significant economic impact  
  • Improves industrial reliability  
  • Occasional use in production or maintenance
  • Complementary to existing systems  

Infrared thermography by drone  

Our service consists of taking aerial photographs using infrared thermography with a camera mounted on a drone. These images are then analysed to identify and geolocate defects:

  • inspection of photovoltaic panels
  • inspection of heating networks
  • inspection of the walls and roof of buildings

Vibration inspection of rotating machines

Our experts carry out a complete diagnosis to maintain in operational condition a wide range of equipment: alternators, synchronous motors, asynchronous motors, wound-rotor asynchronous motors, direct current motors, static machines, excitation regulators connected to a smartphone application, DygiVib. This mobile solution directly compares the levels measured with standards. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, DygiVib can be used for:

  • receiving a new machine  
  • standard-based analysis of vibrations  
  • a benchmark signature  
  • occasional inspection of a machine  
  • measurement before/after repair  
  • checks in case of doubt  
  • pre-diagnosis of a fault

Diagnosis of electrical equipment

Our teams carry out the diagnosis of electrical equipment in all installations, from the substation to the loads: networks, transformers, variators, motors and generators, resistors, etc.  

The aim of this diagnosis is to carry out a power assessment to detect network or consumer faults, electromagnetic faults in rotating machines, to capture transient and random faults, and to detect control and regulation problems. It will also be able to detect hot spots, sources of failures or fires.

Current-analysis diagnosis

An electrical analysis is used in addition to a vibration analysis to monitor a fleet of machines as part of a predictive maintenance policy.

The software program, Dynalim, was exclusively designed to implement this method of periodic monitoring based on analysing the current of motors and alternators of a fleet of machines. Processing is automated to allow everyone to detect and analyse faults easily.

From supplying hardware and software to training so that you can carry out measurements and analyses independently, Dynae vibration-analysis expert terms remain at your disposal to provide a complete measurement and analysis service.  

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