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Big science and nuclear research

Fundamental research, nuclear fusion and deterrence are major societal challenges which carry considerable responsibility for our customers.

To take up these challenges, Clemessy has been innovating in terms of process productivity, system safety, process control ... for over 40 years, locally, site by site.

In addition to this technical expertise, we know how to organize in order to take part in global projects like nuclear fusion projects such as ITER or sensitive projects classified as confidential in the defense sector.

Capitalizing many years of experience in the field of nuclear research and our permanent willingness to support our customers in their innovations, make Clemessy your reference partner when it comes to your civil, defense and security programmes.

An integrator of systems dedicated to nuclear research projects

As a design-build contractor & integrator of systems, Clemessy meets the requirements of nuclear research projects for:

  • Glove boxes
  • Nuclear ventilation (also in a critical environment)
  • Fluid networks and specialized piping
  • Supervision and monitoring & control
  • Metrology, measurement and calibration
  • Digital simulations
  • EMC tests and test facilities
  • The development of "critical" software
  • Measurement acquisition and processing systems
  • Non-destructive monitoring and control systems
  • Mechanization and automation of production lines
  • OR / ILS studies
  • Nuclear safety studies.

Industries of the future

Discover how our experts can assist you in your transformation towards tomorrow’s evolutions. 

Meeting safety and security requirements as well as regulatory requirements

With a wealth of proven expertise in all sectors regarding safety and security (safety of property and people, protection safety), Clemessy proposes a specific offering to the players in the field of nuclear research. In fact, Clemessy designs and manufactures video-surveillance, access control, fire-fighting and fluid and gas detection equipment to meet protection challenges.

Whatever your requirements, Clemessy provides you with expertise for:

  • Basic nuclear installations
  • Nuclear load and test workshops
  • The manufacture of nuclear components
  • Nuclear propulsion
  • Radiography and hydrodynamics
  • Large digital computers and simulators
  • Particle accelerators, lasers, fusion and fission reactors
  • Materials and new energies
  • The treatment of nuclear waste
  • Securing property and people
  • Clean rooms and safe ventilations
  • Data centers and digital systems
  • Electromagnetic compatibility and Faraday cages.
Our references
  • ITER

    Clemessy is committed to nuclear research and supports the ITER project.

  • CEA

    The CEA entrusted Clemessy with a maintenance contract on the Valduc research site.

  • CEA

    The Clemessy teams created an assembly workshop on the CEA site in Grenoble.

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