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Maintenance engineering

Clemessy completes its comprehensive industrial maintenance offer with expertise in the maintenance engineering fields right from the design phase of a project (setting up new industrial facilities, implementation of long-term maintenance contracts).

The Clemessy teams support their customers in putting together the master plan for maintenance, studying and designing the maintenance plan and finally reporting and the progress plan.

Clemessy also offers solutions for operating safety and integrated logistics support.

Operating Safety (SDF) and Integrated Logistics Support (SLI)

In order to respond to various issues, Clemessy offers solutions to:

  • improve the reliability and safety of facilities
  • optimize the overall cost of ownership of the systems designed
  • to implement the Operational Readiness Support

Technicians propose engineering plans to show that a product is able to be kept in or put into service (reliability, maintainability, availability) and to demonstrate that it is safe.

Dependability (SDF) & Nuclear Safety (SN)

Committed to optimizing the reliability, availability and safety of its customers' facilities, Clemessy carries out work on equipment and processes, from design to maintenance, including studies covering :

  • risk prevention
  • managing feared events and important safety-related  elements
  • reliability, availability maintainability and safety assessment (RAMS)
  • safety level studies
  • monitoring of safety parameters/proof
  • justification with the authorities concerned (e.g. ASN)

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

Right from the design phase, engineers and technicians build a tailor-made support system with :

  • Operational Readiness Support strategy: maintenance policy and plan / assessment of the total cost of ownership / sustainability of the means
  • implementation of support elements: human / hardware / software / documentary / logistic means
  • maintenance of the availability of the product, according to its characteristics (reliability, maintainability) and its conditions of use

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