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Gas industry

For several years, Clemessy has been supporting its customers in completing gas projects. Proactive and close to our customers, we carry out projects from design through to construction, from field installation to commissioning and training as well as maintenance.

Our wide range of expertise allows us to put forward comprehensive offers including electrical, instrumentation, automation, monitoring & control, piping, measurement, analysis, metering, cathodic protection work packages...

Odorisation and metering and gas interconnection

Clemessy's teams support you from the design to the completion of your odorisation systems including management and project planning.

Our design offices imagine the distribution, installation drawings, connection, routing and integrate functional and organic analyses. They programme and create the simulation of PLC applications in workshops and establish the technical specifications for the instrumentation.

Our teams also carry out metering and odorisation installations:

  • Current distribution systems (direct, ripple, charger/battery).
  • Distribution cabinets, PLC cabinets, cables, earth cables, cable trays.
  • The communication network.
  • Automation and monitoring & control equipment (supervision, network, PLCs and local HMI).
  • Instrumentation equipment (application-specific solenoid valves, mass flow meters, pressure transmitters, manometers, analysis equipment ...).

Industries of the future

Discover how our experts can assist you in your transformation towards tomorrow’s evolutions. 

Turnkey designer, integrator of a biomethane injection Skid

The law on energy transition provides for imposing 10% of renewable natural gas (biomethane) in gas transmission and distribution networks by 2030. Aware of these challenges, Clemessy designs and builds biomethane injection stations (skids) on natural gas transmission networks. The injection station consists of analysis, filtration, metering and odorisation systems. From design through to commissioning, it is a turnkey technical solution which meets the standards and requirements of GRTGaz.

These innovative biomethane injection stations offer real ecological and economic benefits.

Industries of the future

Discover how our experts can assist you in your transformation towards tomorrow’s evolutions. 

Our references
  • GRTGaz

    The teams built a new gas odorization station for GRTGaz in Oltingue.

  • Teréga

    Teréga entrusted Clemessy with a maintenance contract for several pieces of equipment and industrial installations in the south-west.

  • GRTGaz

    Clemessy designed and produced biomethane injection skids for GRTGaz.

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