Industries of the future

As each industrial process is different, each factory is unique, transformation is a strategic choice and as there is no target model, Clemessy, the Eiffage Énergie Systèmes brand dedicated to industry, offers all industries of the future customised solutions.

The principle is mainly based on the digitisation of production processes and your organisational transformation, two areas in which a multitude of technological building blocks are implemented. Connected, optimised and creative, the industry of the future must above all learn to be agile!

It also has to undertake the technological, economic, organisational, environmental, human and social transformation which is best suited to it by implementing only the technological bricks necessary for it.

We propose to enhance your performance by adapting our offers and solutions to your real needs over the whole life cycle:

  • Research
  • Production
  • Maintenance
  • Logistics
  • Infrastructure and utilities

The innovation ecosystem developed by our teams is designed for all the industries of the future, or rather, each of them.


A collaborative approach

We offer you a 360° collaborative approach which incorporates three essential levers for your performance:

  • The integration of digital and information technologies in each of our solutions
  • An eco-responsible approach adapted to low carbon issues and which takes into account people, their safety and their well-being
  • Our ability to carry out work in line with your needs, from supplying a system to overall project management.

Research & Development

To meet your research and development challenges,

  • Ensuring the efficiency of R&D
  • Reducing cycle times for development, finalising and increasing reliability
  • Validating the endurance, performance or output of the product

Our teams have developed offers and solutions:


To meet your production challenges,

  • Improve industrial performance
  • Guarantee the quality, traceability or conformity of products
  • Be responsive to the market
  • Ensure lean production
  • Customise and make to measure
  • Assist operators and guarantee their safety
  • Promote sustainable development, eco-responsibility

Our teams have developed offers and solutions:


To meet your maintenance challenges,

  • Reduce the cost of maintenance
  • Use resources as needed
  • Increase the availability and lifetime of the production tool
  • Anticipate and manage

Our teams have developed offers and solutions:


To meet your challenges in Logistics,

  • Geolocate products or containers
  • Optimise stocks and storage spaces
  • Optimise flows
  • Enable digital customer / supplier exchanges
  • Ensure traceability

Our teams have developed offers and solutions:


Infrastructure & Utilities

To meet your challenges in Infrastructure and Utilities,

  • Optimise building management (agility, flexibility)
  • Drive energy performance
  • Promote the eco-responsibility approach
  • Reduce the carbon footprint
  • Protect industrial heritage

Our teams have developed offers and solutions:

Open Innovation

Notre modèle d’innovation est basé sur la culture du partage et de la collaboration.

Nos équipes se mobilisent avec l'ensemble des parties prenantes de leur écosystème :

  • Startlab et incubateur (KMØ)
  • Groupements et associations professionnels (FIEV, GIFAS, GIFEN...)
  • Appel à projets / à manifestation d'intérêt (Route du futur, Lexis)
  • Pôles de compétitivité
  • Partenariats avec constructeurs et fournisseurs
  • Collaboration avec les laboratoires de recherches et les universités 
  • Apprentissage et stages avec les écoles et les organismes de formation