ArcelorMittal Atlantique et Lorraine

Dunkerque (59)

ArcelorMittal entrusted Clemessy with the contract to design and build a monitoring & control system for the steelworks in Dunkirk.

Designing and building the monitoring & control system for a vacuum ladle steel processing unit, also comprising the supply of automation equipment mounted in a cabinet.
This work is part of the creation of a RHOB (Rhurstall Heraux Oxygen Blowing) facility at the steel mill.


  • Input/output volume: 8,000 inputs/ outputs
  • 100,000 data base points
  • 600 full screen mimic diagrams
  • Performance: time A/R information N2> N1> N2 information return time:> 1.2 secs
  • 25,000 hours of engineering spread over 1½ years
  • 8 servers, 13 thin clients, 6 thick clients.