Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroën Automobile

Xinagyang (Chine)

The teams engineered and completed a turnkey test bench project for the production of thermal engines and gearboxes.

Design, construction, installation and commissioning of two end-of-assembly line test benches for the BE gearbox.
The test consists in testing each gearbox by simulating the vehicle environment and applying a set of extreme constraints to detect assembly defects and machining defects.

  • Turnkey completion
  • These benches are a development of the MT end-of-line gearbox test bench product, which makes it possible to test all the gearboxes assembled. The tests carried out make it possible to differentiate between the so-called bad boxes and the boxes considered as good by using an intelligent software tool.
  • One gearbox is tested every 70 seconds.