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The Clemessy teams completed the DUS (emergency backup diesel generators on several French nuclear power plants.

Contract for the supply, installation and operational readiness of diesel engine-powered emergency backup generator sets (DUS).
Completion of the complete electromechanical installation delivered on a turnkey basis, except the structure.

Creation of 30 model of the complete installation.
Drawings of all the installations and equipment.
Engineering and design of the PIDs of the installation and the electrical distribution single-line diagrams.     

  • 36 units in French nuclear power plants, CPY level - 900 MW;  N4 series - 1450 MW
  • 360 switchboards (main LV board, sub-distribution, monitoring & control)
  • 36 800 KVA transformers
  • 720 pieces of mechanical auxiliary equipment
  • 504 power outlet boxes
  • 4400 lighting fixtures
  • 40 kg of cable tray
  • 330 km of cables
  • 1400 fire detectors                                           
  • Qualification of the switchboards and electromechanical auxiliaries.
  • Development of the automation application
  • Supervision and monitoring of the factory manufacture of the electromechanical equipment (skids, air coolers, intake and exhaust ducts, vats, instrumentation, valves, switchboards).
  • Electrical installation work and commissioning.