The Clemessy teams participated in the Grand Carénage project by carrying out work on the monitoring chains.

Contract for the reliability and sufficiency of so-called "KRT" radiation monitoring chains for PWR 1300 MW power plants; PWR 1450 MW, in order to favour their sustainable operation and to ensure their qualification and reliability (60-year life of the units concerned).
This project is part of the Grand Carénage.  

  • 24 units in French nuclear power plants, P4 P'4 - 1300 MW; N4 series -1450 MW)
  • Site surveys, detailed engineering of electrical and mechanical installations
  • Qualification of the supports
  • On-site installation and dismantling work during unit shutdown
  • Commissioning and training of staff. 

Implementation of 24 chains for monitoring the activity of a gas heavily loaded with moisture (1 channel per CVI-type unit  measures incondensables from the condenser); 16 gamma exposure flow monitoring lines at the pool floors of "BK" fuel buildings and "BR" reactor buildings (2 BK markers and 2 BR markers); 6 ambient gamma equivalent dose rate measurement chains during loading and unloading of new and irradiated assemblies (1 fixed chain per unit and 1 mobile chain on the DMK fuel handling trolley).