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ESID Brest / Base opérationnelle de l'Île Longue

Crozon (29)

For over 17 years, Clemessy's teams have been carrying out a maintenance contract on the nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine base.

Power Distribution Centre at the SNLE  nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine port base : design, building and maintenance over 17 years of two half-power plants for generating and distributing power on the site while taking into account constraints such as current quality, nuclear safety (SN), ICPE standards.

  • 17-year maintenance contract
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of the first half-power plant and upgrade of the second half-power plant.
  • SN, ICPE, sizing and network modeling studies.
  • Completion of a new building and upgrade of the existing infrastructure.
  • Installation of generating sets and dynamic inverters.
  • Installation of HV/MV/ LV distribution equipment.
  • Dry runs and real life tests of the solution.
  • Connecting the two installations of the site.
  • Overall maintenance and upgrading of the facilities created.
  • Establishing an EWG to supervise the site's entire electricity network.