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Kem One

Lavera (13)

Clemessy carried out multi-technical work for the construction of a new chlorine production unit.

Completion of the metallurgy, piping, electricity and instrumentation work packages.
This work is part of the construction of a new chlorine production unit (new membrane electrolysis technology).

  • Completion of 13 prefabricated skids on the Eiffage Métal Yard in Fos-sur-Mer, weighing from 10 to 30 tons each.
  • Civil engineering over 1,300 m² (400 tons of concrete)
  • Erection of equipment
  • 37 tons of  steel piping, 8,500'' welded
  • 6 km of plastic piping, 35,000'' welded
  • 640 m² of insulation
  • 2.5 km of electric cable