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Maubeuge Construction Automobiles (Renault)

Maubeuge (59)

Renault entrusted the design and production of robotised islands for window entry systems.

Design, completion, installation and commissioning as a design-build contractor of the robotized islands for gluing and installing all the glass products on Renault Kangoo and Mercedes Citran vehicles: windscreen, side windows, rear windows.
Automatic removal with integrated vision system to take into account the vehicles' geometric tolerance of vehicles.

  • 24 windows and 46 different removal combinations at a rate of 62 vehicles/hour.
  • Mechanical, electrical, automation, robotics engineering and installations for window entry systems (electric reversers), window centering (X and Y self centering), window sizing (triangular cord 8*14), verification of glue beads in 3D and removal on the body with vision resetting.