Novartis Biotechnologies

Huningue (68)

Engineers and technicians designed and carried out electrical and instrumentation work on the Huningue site.

Design and completion of power & lighting, communications and instrumentation of a new 3,500 m² biomedicine manufacturing workshop including 1,000 m² clean room.
This work is part of the Site Capacity Line Expansion (Scale) project.

  • 18 months of construction work
  • Two 2000 kVA transformers  and 3 withdrawable Tabélec Cubic main LV boards
  • 200 fire detector heads
  • Ambient and false floor suction system
  • 40 gas detectors with supervision
  • 100 RJ45 sockets
  • 3 production chambers with GUNEBO access badges
  • Environmental monitoring system (pressure, temperature, particle control, etc.): 1,100 pieces of measuring equipment.