Total Raffinage Chimie

La Mède (13)

The Clemessy teams carried out piping work as part of the conversion of the La Mède refinery.

Completion of two piping work packages: dismantling of the refinery and then erection of biorefinery equipment.
The work relates to the transformation of the refinery into a biorefinery.

  • Production capacity of 500,000 tonnes per year of HVO type biodiesel.
  • Dismantling 11 km of pipes
  • 591 tons of piping
  • 114 tons of supports
  • 18 km steam tracing
  • 85,000" welded
  • 340 Tie-Ins
  • Installation of 32 pieces of equipment (including 2 exchangers, each weighing 57 tons), and modifications to the internals of 8 pieces of equipment
  • 220,000 hours, 150 people.