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Industrial analysis systems

Relying on over 30 years’experience in the field of industrial analysis, Secauto is your trusted, key partner. The quality of our work and services, our operational discipline and industrial culture have enabled us to become one of the leaders in industrial analysis on the French market.
Day-by-day our experts work alongside you on your sites, research and development centres, laboratories to bring your projects to a successful completion.

Thanks to the analysis system, composed of a set of equipment, our teams are able to reliably and continuously measure the constituents of a gas or liquid sample.

Emission measurements

To meet current standards and guidelines for environmental protection and sustainable development, we offer our expertise in continuous and semi-continuous analysis monitoring systems (AMS), dedicated to emission measurements.

  • “Turnkey” installation, in compliance with current standards, guidelines and ministerial decrees (EN NF 14181), of atmospheric emission analysis systems : CO, CO2, NOx, SO2, HCl, HF, H2O, O2, COV, NH3, dust, mercury, dioxins,…as well as flow-meter, pressure, temperature
  • Maintenance contracts suited to our customers’ needs and resources, QAL2 and QAL3 management,
  • Installation and maintenance of data acquisition and handling systems (DAHS).

Process measurements

A process measurement is the continuous monitoring of a physico-chemical parameter on a representative sample at a point in the process.
This measurement helps in controlling the process, contributes towards its optimisation or qualifies a product.

Design and integration of all kinds of analysis systems, from the simplest to the most sophisticated:

  • On-site
  • Local box
  • Cabinet
  • Shelter

Maintenance of analysis sets and process, environment or laboratory analysers:

  • Fixed-price, long-term contract with performance guarantee
  • Preventive, predictive and remedial actions
  • On-call service
  • Spare parts and utilities management
  • Capitalisation and use of REX (return on operating experience)
  • Monitoring of performance indicators
  • Improvement proposals

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